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The U.S. Patent Office Published 50 Patent Applications from Apple Thursday covering the Pro Display XDR Stand, Textured Glass & more

1 cover Pro Display XDR(Click on image to Enlarge)


Yesterday the US Patent & Trademark Office published 50 patent applications from Apple. Today Patently Apple is debuting a new Patent Application List that will allow Apple fans, developers and engineers to view all of the patent applications that the U.S. Patent Office listed for October 13, 2022. In addition, this report also briefly touches on patent applications covering Apple's Pro Display XDR Stand and textured glass that is used on Apple's Pro display and their 2020 iMac.  


Pro Display XDR Stand with Precision Tilting


Yesterday three patent applications that are behind Apple's Pro Display XDR display arm came to light representing more patents fulfilled. All three patent applications carry the same titled of "Reconfigurable Stand Ecosystem."  The patents relate to connection assemblies for adjusting the tilt, height, and attachment status of computing devices and their supports.


Apple's patent FIG. 31 below is a schematic side view of an electronic device (Pro Display XDR), lift arm, and stand; FIG. 14A shows a side view of another lift arm connecting an electronic device to a support stand with some components omitted; FIG. 14B shows a side section view of the lift arm of FIG. 14A with additional components shown; and FIG. 14C shows the system of FIG. 14B in a second configuration.


2 Apple Pro Display XDR patent figs


Apple's patent FIG. 32A above shows a perspective view of an end of a lift arm at a tilt hinge with the bar in a first rotated position; FIG. 32B shows a perspective view of the end of the lift arm of FIG. 32A with the bar in a second rotated position.


For Engineers that want to delve into the details of Apple's three patent applications can simply click on the links provided: 20220325845, 20220325848 and 20220326731.


Related to the Pro Display XDR is patent application US 20220326413 A1 for "textured glass" which Apple markets as "nano-textured glass." Apple uses this on the XDR display as well as the 2020 iMac.


Mac Displays with Textured Finish


Below is patent FIG. 1 illustrating a Mac Display; FIG. 6 shows a cross-section view of an example of a cover assembly 622. The cover assembly #622 has a textured region #623 and includes a glass cover member #652, an anti-reflection coating E670, and a smudge resistant coating #680.




Apple has updated their invention with 20 new patent claims which you could review in full here.


50 Patent Applications Published 10/13/2022


For years Patently Apple has provided a weekly list of Granted Patents issued to Apple from the U.S. Patent Office. Today, we're publishing the first list of Apple's patent applications published by the U.S. Patent Office.


Patently Apple primarily focuses on posting patent reports each week that may appeal to general consumers and Apple fans in respect to possible new hardware and software inventions in development at Apple. We generally don't cover things like wireless patents, component patents and so forth which would bore fans to tears. However, there are new patents published every week that could appeal to developers and engineers.


Beginning today, Patently Apple is posting a list of patent application numbers and their respective titles to make it easier for developers and engineers to search at the Patent Office on topics of interest.




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