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Patently Apple's Blogging Service will be performing one last Maintenance Phase this weekend that will temporarily shut down our blog for hours

1 X Maintenance on site


This week our blogging service Typepad underwent a major update to their underlying platform. While the disruption to services was to be brief, the reality is that it caused mayhem on our site attempting to post reports in a timely manner with graphics.


We're now being informed that they have one more big push to finalize and stabilize the platform and that it will take place between 9 PM tonight through to 9 AM Sunday. Our blog will be locked down during this period.


While I'm hoping that the down time will be as forecast, nothing about their update has gone smoothly to date and so disruption to service could be extended.


Although this situation is out of our hands, I would like to take this time to apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced this week on our site and thank you for your continuing support.


Jack Purcher



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