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Apple may be Shifting some AirPods and Beats Headphone production to India

On this Day, We Respectfully Remember Steve Jobs

1 x cover In Memory of Steve Jobs


The late Steve Jobs was one of the greatest CEOs of our time. Though for my generation, he was so much more. He was an inspirational force, a rebel with a cause, and definitely one of the "craziest ones" of our time who indeed made a difference in how we use computers and mobile devices in our daily lives today. On this day we respectfully remember Steve Jobs who passed away in 2011.  


Igniting the Mobile Device Revolution



2 X Steve Jobs introduces iPhone 2007

You could review the full 2007 iPhone introduction video here.


Photo Collection


Below is a collection of photos that mark key products that Steve Jobs introduced over the years. The first is a classic photo of Steve Jobs taken by Norman Seeff showing with the first Macintosh.


3 Classic Steve Jobs with first Macintosh by Norman Seeff

iMac, iPod, iPhone, Aluminum MacBook+


4 steve jobs iMac  iPod  iPhone

5x Remembering Steve Jobs


The last photo above was Steve's Crazy Latte Moment: One of the phone calls that Steve made with the first iPhone on stage was to a Starbuck's coffee shop. Ring-ring-ring …. "Good morning …Yes, I'd like to order 4,000 lattes to go please. Just kidding …wrong number – Thank You."


UPDATE: 10:30 am PST: Tim Cook Tweet added below. 



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