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In Q3 2022, Apple was the only PC Vendor to show Significant Growth

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IDC is reporting that declines in the global PC market continued in Q3-22 with 74.3 million units shipped. Cooling demand and uneven supply have contributed to a year-over-year contraction of 15.0%. However, shipment volumes remain well above pre-pandemic levels.


Apple was the only vendor to show significant growth in the quarter. Apple bounced back once Shanghai's lockdown was lifted, allowing Apple's new MacBook's to finally ship in quantity. 


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2 IDC PC chart Q3 2022


Linn Huang, research vice president, Devices & Displays at IDC: "In addition to shipment volumes, we'll be keeping a close eye on how average selling prices (ASPs) trend this quarter. Shortages over the last several years have aggressively driven product mix shifts towards the premium end. This, coupled with cost increases of components and logistics, drove ASPs up five quarters in a row to $910 in 1Q22, the highest since 2004. However, with demand slowing, promotions in full swing, and orders being cut, the ASP climb was reversed in 2Q22. Another quarter of ASP declines indicates a market in retreat."


For more, read the full IDC report.


Canalys also reported on Global PC shipments today with a wildly different outcome for Apple. IDC had claimed that Apple's bounced back with 40.2% growth year-over-year. Canalys only credited Apple with 1.7% growth, with all of their competitors in negative territory.


Canalys added: "Apple enjoyed a better quarter than its competitors as it fulfilled orders from Q2 delayed due to supply disruptions in China and launched new M2 MacBooks. It sealed fourth place with 8.0 million units, a modest year-on-year increase of 2%.


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