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Yesterday, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple has Filed a Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Masimo Corporation and Sound Unlimited for Infringing 4 Apple Watch Design Patents." It's since been revealed that Apple filed a second, heftier, five-count patent infringement lawsuit based on granted utility patents.


Apple notes in their court filing that "in January 2020, Masimo brought a patent lawsuit against Apple targeting Apple Watch. In that case, access to Apple’s confidential information and source code for various models of Apple Watch, including details of its construction and functionality, was provided to a board member of Cercacor—a spin-off from Masimo that focuses on research and development. That was two years before Masimo released the W1 to the general public.


Masimo, while trying to block importation or sale of Apple Watch, was also secretly copying it. Masimo hid its copying until the W1 was ready for the public.


When the Masimo W1 became public, it was clear that Masimo had copied Apple. As more details emerged, it was clear the scope of that copying was expansive. In addition to copying Apple Watch’s overall look and feel, the Masimo W1 appropriates specific patented features and functionalities from Apple Watch. Apple worked hard to develop innovative designs and features for Apple Watch. Masimo took shortcuts." 


Apple's five-count patent infringement lawsuit claims that Masimo and Sound Unlimited infringed on these five patents: 10,627,783, 10, 076, 257, 10,942,491, 10,987,054, 11,106,352, 11,474,483.


The lawsuit carefully details how the Masimo W1 watch has copied Apple's technologies and you could review the full details in the SCRIBD document below, courtesy of Patently Apple.


Apple v Masimo Corporation and Sound United, Patent Infringement by Jack Purcher on Scribd

3 case docket Apple v Masimo case ... 01378

10.0F2 - Patently Legal


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