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With Phone 14 Pro models exceeding expectations, Apple has instructed Foxconn to switch iPhone production lines to keep up with demand

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On Friday, Patently Apple posted a report titled " Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max is a runaway hit in both the U.S. and China with Deep Purple being the most Popular Color in China." The report noted that according to the sales statistics released by Chunghwa Telecom, the top four most sought-after mobile phone models were iPhone 14 Pro Max 256G deep purple, iPhone 14 Pro 256G deep purple, and iPhone 14. Pro 256G Space Black, iPhone 14Pro Max 256G Space Black. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Apple is pushing for Foxconn to switch production lines so that their Pro models receive priority production.


This morning, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is stating in a series of tweets that his latest survey pointed out that due to the strong demand for the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple has asked Hon Hai [Foxconn] to switch the production line of the iPhone 14 to the production line of the iPhone 14 Pro series, which will help improve Apple's product mix/iPhone ASP in 4Q22.


According to the production line conversion rate, it is equivalent to Apple increasing the shipment estimate of the iPhone 14 Pro series in 4Q22 by about 10%.


Kuo added that "At present, only a few component suppliers' order changes reflect Hon Hai's production line conversion (such as Samsung Display), and I expect that most suppliers should also receive Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series additional orders in the next few weeks."


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