A Strange legal case filed against Apple in Boston demands $10 Billion, accusing Apple's CEO, Board and Legal Team of Corruption+
Apple was granted a Design Patent in Hong Kong for their 'Mac Studio' desktop computer & Claris files for a 3rd U.S. trademark this week

The Made by Google Event has been set for October 6th followed by the Microsoft Event that's set for October 12th

1 x cover Made by Google Event Oct 6  2022


October is going to a busy tech month with Apple, Microsoft and Google holding product events. Google has announced that their 'Made by Google' event will be held on October 6th at 10 am EST, 7 am PST.


The Made by Google launch event will take place in the Williamsburg neighborhood of NYC. While the in-person event is limited to invited members of the press, we invite you to tune in live at GoogleStore.com/events, available to users in the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia or the Made by Google YouTube channel here. I'm sure that the even will be available to Canadians as well, as usual.


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2  x pixel phone 7


Google is expected to launch the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, the latest home devices from Nest and their first Pixel Watch as their PR video presents below.



Microsoft Event October 12, 2022


Microsoft has also set their Surface Product Event for October 12 at 10 am EST, 7 am PST. The product event will be held just prior to their Microsoft Ignite event for IT procs, decision makers, implementors, architects, developers and data professionals.


Microsoft is reportedly planning to offer a Surface Pro 9 with the option of Arm or Intel processors, potentially meaning the end of the Surface Pro X line. Though in general, Microsoft is keeping their agenda under wraps like Apple does by only providing an event graphic, as presented below.


Perhaps Microsoft is hinting that their 2-in-1 devices will come in more colors as Apple promotes for the iPad Air, pictured further below.


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3 Msft image for event
3 Msft image for event


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