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Prior to the iPhone 14 Launch, Meta and Google announce their October Events that will showcase their latest hardware & more

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Click on image to greatly enlarge Meta Concept Rendering of Project Cambria Headset


Prior to Apple's special event this morning, Meta and Google have announced their respective hardware events for October. Our report also covers Huawei's move to announce that their upcoming Mate 50 smartphone will have satellite connectivity in an attempt to get ahead of any potential Apple announcement on this subject matter later today.


Facebook/Meta Announcement: Meta will hold its annual 'Connect' virtual reality conference on October 11. Meta is likely to announce their highly anticipated Mixed Reality Headset code named Project Cambria.


CNBC reports that "It’s a hotly expected headset with the computing power to capture the real world with external cameras and display them inside the headset in real time and in color.


The headset, which will likely cost $800 or more, will be significantly more expensive and capable than the current best-selling headset, the Meta Quest 2. "


With Apple preparing to launch their advanced headset in 2023, Meta will be hyping their their next-gen headset and is likely to take a swipe or two against Apple, who will likely be their number competitor over the next couple of years.


 Google Announcement: Google announced yesterday that they will host their Pixel 7 "Made by Google" event on October 6. Their Twitter message points to the Pixel 7, the Pixel Watch (Google's first smartwatch) and Pixel Buds with Spatial Audio being the focus of the event.  



Huawei Technologies: To get around the U.S. ban on Huawei, the company had spun off their Honor brand that just announced it's mid-range Honor 70 for the European market and stated that it will release its first foldable smartphone to challenge premium brands Samsung and Apple.


Huawei is also working around the U.S. ban by their recent unveiling of new a 4G smartphone, the Mate 50, illustrated below, that supports satellite communications to get ahead of a possible announcement by Apple at today's event.


The Mate 50 series delivers the first smartphones able to link with China’s BeiDou global satellite navigation system, according to Richard Yu Chengdong, chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business group, at the product launch. That will enable users to send messages and their location data via BeiDou in the absence of local mobile network service.


2 Huawei Mate 50


Just as Apple's iPhone is set to abandon their traditional Notch, Huawei chose to introduce it in their new Mate 50 lineup as noted above.


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