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Shoppers form a Long Lineup at the Apple Store in Shenzhen China to get their hands on the iPhone Pro Models in Purple

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max is a runaway hit in both the U.S. and China with Deep Purple being the most Popular Color in China

1 X cover Deep Purple

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Today is iPhone 14 day and Apple started the morning posting Jumbo photos of Apple eager fans from stores in Singapore, Beijing and Paris checking out their latest devices.  A new report posted today point to the very best features are reserved for Apple's high-end Pro models costing at least $1,000. And based on preorder data, the strategy is already working with consumers, who have turned the most expensive new iPhone into the most popular version.


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Amit Daryanani, an analyst at Evercore ISI, said in a report this week that "The data continues to point to robust demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which could have a materially positive impact for both mix and margins."  


Bloomberg reports that "Apple reshuffled its display configurations this year as well. Gone is the mini version of the iPhone. Instead, the company is betting that consumers want more screen real estate. The non-Pro iPhone 14 will come in a 6.1-inch model and a 6.7-inch Plus version that won’t be available until Oct. 7.


The preorder data suggests the iPhone 14 Pro Max is more in demand than the same model was last year, part of the shift upscale, according to a report by KGI Securities.


The question now is whether that momentum is strong enough for Apple to overcome a broader slump. Worldwide the smartphone market is expected to decline 3.5% to 1.31 billion units this year, according to market research firm IDC. For more read the full Bloomberg report.


In China, it's being reported that Telecom operators Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Big Brother announced the best-selling models on the first day of sale. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max accounted for about 90%, making them the first choice for fruit fans.


According to the sales statistics released by Chunghwa Telecom, the top four most sought-after mobile phone models were iPhone 14 Pro Max 256G deep purple, iPhone 14 Pro 256G deep purple, and iPhone 14. Pro 256G Space Black, iPhone 14Pro Max 256G Space Black.


Taiwan's Big Brother issued a press release saying that the iPhone 14 was on sale on its first day of sale, and the online store opened for 15 minutes. The iPhone 14 Pro Max sold out immediately. The most popular models, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, accounted for 90% of sales, and 256G accounted for 70% of the sales. For more, read the full United Daily News report.


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