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Apple's CEO Logs Key stops during his European Business Trip in a Series of Tweets

1 cover  Tim Cook  Eddy Cue in Germany for Octoberfest

UPDATE 8:02 am PST: "Surf's Up in Munich!" added


Apple's CEO along with various members of Apple's executive team have been on a business trip visiting various sites in Germany and the UK meeting with Store teams, developers and much more. Tim Cook has been tweeting about key stops on their trip and our report covers the main tweets and provides you with jumbo images of key events to view.


Apple Executives in Germany


Apple's CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Hardware Technologies Johny Srouji visited the company's state-of-the-art lab in Munich this week.


2 Cook and Johny Srouji in Germany

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Of course, the trip was timed to enjoy Germany's famed Octoberfest. How could it not. Cook Tweets: "So happy to be back to Oktoberfest. Bottom up!" The photo shows that Eddie Cue was along for this trip ... and to the pub.


3 Tim Cook  Eddy Cue in Germany for Octoberfest(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge)



Apple's Tim Cook visits the Apple Store team and local developers at Rosenthaler Straße Berlin.


4 Apple CEO meets with developer at Apple Store in Berlin

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Surfs Up in Munich! 

1 extra  Munich photo  Tim Cook +(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge)


While in the UK


5 Apple's CEO meeting Apple store team in England

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Apple's CEO Tim Cook and VP Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson Enjoyed an amazing gospel performance from Volney Morgan & New-Ye at Apple’s Platoon Studios.


6 Apple's CEO at Platoon Studios UK

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Apple's CEO hyped up over their new offices opening in 2023 at the iconic Battersea Power Station.


7 Cook excited about new Apple facility in England close to finishing

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Apple's Executive Team + Ted Lasso Cast Members Ham it Up


8 Ted Lasso crew + Apple 's executive team

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Southbank Centre


We’re delighted to announce our partnership with @Apple, expanding Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative to the UK.


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9 Southbank Centre UK

Cook Tweets: "As part of our work to address challenges in racial equity and justice, we’re excited to partner with Southbank Centre to increase representation in the arts."



If there are more Tweets from Apple's CEO worth noting in the coming days, we'll update this report.


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