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It's being reported this morning that Apple has increased the specification it wants from its OLED on Silicon (OLEDoS) panels from Samsung and LG Display. More specifically, Apple originally requested 2800 PPI (pixels per inch) and has now increased it to 3500 PPI to increase the immersion consumers will feel from its first-generation mixed reality headset that is rumored to be launching in 2023.  


Yet it appears that this morning's report from The Elec is simply echoing information from reports that we posted back in August and earlier in September (01, 02 and 03); information that was posted by Counterpoint in greater detail.   


The Elec repeats that Apple will initially use Sony's micro-displays and then shift to LG and Samsung in second-gen headsets. It also repeats that while Apple's mixed reality headset will start with OLEDoS at 3500ppi, Samsung and LG are working on 6,000-7,000ppi using future LEDoS displays.


The only new information in The Elec's report is minor. It states that "Samsung Display had been slow to dip its toe on OLEDoS as it believed it was a small market but the top executives at Samsung had admonished Samsung Display for judging on the technology quickly." Further, the report's sources claim that "Samsung considers OLEDoS to have a lower entry barrier than LEDoS and wants to lead on the latter technology over its rivals LG Display and Sony."


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