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Samsung introduced new foldables, earbuds with spatial-audio-like functionality and their Galaxy Watch5 Pro with a Titanium Watch Frame+

1 XF cover Samsung Galaxy Watch5 with Titanium body

Update 8: 26 a.m.: The full Samsung Unpacking Event 2022 Keynote is now included in this report 


This morning, Samsung introduced a refresh of their foldable devices, Galaxy Watches and Galaxy Buds2 Pro. An eye-opener for me during Samsung’s keynote was when they introduced their new Galaxy Watch5 Pro for sport enthusiasts that uses a new titanium body and temperature sensor, features that are reportedly coming to Apple Watch 8, according to rumors.  


Samsung notes in their lead press release that their new Galaxy Z Fold4 pushes the boundaries of smartphone possibilities with a larger, more immersive display that unfolds optimized mobile experiences and PC-like multitasking.


Galaxy Z Fold4 presents a stunningly large 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display opens up the space you need to multitask like a pro, with apps optimized for the large-screen experience in order to help you unleash increased functionality anywhere you go. Furthermore, the intuitive new Taskbar gives you access to your favorite apps with just a swipe, providing you with smarter ways to multitask whether you’re switching full-screen apps through App Pair or viewing multiple windows at once.


When it’s time for fun, Z Fold4’s vivid, edge-to-edge screen with minimized bezels and a camera hidden under the display provides you with distraction-free viewing of your favorite movies and games — bright enough for outdoor use even on sunny days.


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2 Galaxy Z Fold4


An overview of today’s announcements for foldables and the Galaxy Buds Pro can be found in this Press Release.  


Coincidentally or intentionally, Counterpoint posted a report this morning about the foldable smartphone market likely to hit 16 million units in 2022, up 73% year-over-year. Foldables are forecast to hit 26 million units shipped in 2023. Such shipment numbers are likely not enough to tempt Apple to enter this niche smartphone market. Apple patents show that they’re continuing to work on foldables should they wish to enter this market is some form or way (phones, tablets, foldable and scrollable).  


Notable during the keynote today was how Samsung got ahead of Apple with their new Galaxy Watch5 Pro with a new titanium body and stronger Sapphire Crystal glass for sports enthusiasts, exactly what Apple is to introduce according to patents and rumors.  Coincidentally, Patently Apple was first to post a granted patent report yesterday that covered Apple's temperature sensor. 


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3 x Apple Watch temperature sensor


Apple's patent note that …”The wearable electronic device can obtain a highly accurate and highly precise measurement of the user's skin temperature which, in turn, can be leveraged for: health or fitness recommendations; health or fitness tracking; biometric identification; wearable device fit evaluation; and so on.”


Samsung was also aware of a “temperature sensor” coming to Apple Watch and viola, the Galaxy Watch5 series now includes a new temperature sensor, to provide users with an in-depth understanding of their wellness. The temperature sensor uses infrared technology for more accurate readings, even if the temperature of your surroundings changes. You could learn more about Samsung’s updated Watches in this press release. Watch the first video below about the new Galaxy Watch5 Pro


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The full Samsung Unpacking Event 2022 Keynote



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