Apple won a patent this week about controlling content on Apple TV using motion gestures made with a Future Siri Remote, Apple Watch+
Patently Apple provides Details behind Apple's Four new U.S. Trademarks relating to their future Mixed 'Reality' Headset & more

Patent applications from Apple this week cover a Virtual PC Display concept for Mixed Reality eyewear and new dual vents for Apple Watch

1 xf cover 2021 - Samsung concept video  smart glasses allows user to work with a Massive virtual PC display

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This week there were a few additional patents of interest that were published by the U.S. Patent Office that we didn't get around to covering. In this last patent report of the week, we cover two patents. The first patent report covers 'Augmented Devices' which could be very cool in the future, while the second report covers Apple's work on a new speaker configuration for Apple Watch and more.


The first Apple Patent covers 'Augmented Devices' which covers implementations that include the use of a first device to provide a CGR environment that augments the input and output capabilities of a second device. For example, an HMD may display a user’s MacBook in the form of a virtual MacBook and allow for the display to be made wider or taller so as to view content in a superior manner.


Apple's patent FIG. 5 below is a block diagram illustrating a view of a CGR environment that includes video passthrough of a physical environment; FIG. 6 is a block diagram illustrating a view of a CGR environment that includes video passthrough of a physical environment and virtual content that augments an output capability of a second device of the physical environment.


2 XF -- Apple patent figs 5 & 6 augmenting a MacBook Display - Patently Apple report


As cool as Apple's patent is, it's clear that this is only one version of how augmented reality could be used for displaying a larger PC display. Our cover graphic illustrates a user working with a physical keyboard while viewing a massive virtual display through his AR glasses. This was part of a Samsung concept video that was presented back in 2021. You could review the concept and more here. This could definitely be one of the Killer Apps we'll see from Apple in the future that is supported by their patent.


While Apple was only granted this patent back in July, their team rapidly filed a continuation to it by adding 18 additional patent claims to better protect this invention from competitors and patent trolls. You could review Apple's latest patent 20220269338 and its 18 new patent claims here.


Apple Watch with new Speaker and Barometric Vents


3 Apple Watch with vents

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Another patent of interest published on Thursday by the U.S. Patent Office, a future Apple Watch may include a housing this is at least partially defines an interior cavity that is divided into at least a first volume and a second volume, a pressure-sensing component positioned within the first volume and a speaker positioned within the second volume.


The speaker may include a speaker diaphragm defining a first opening, and the electronic watch may further include an internal member that divides the interior cavity into the first volume and the second volume and defines a second opening fluidly coupling the first volume and the second volume. The speaker diaphragm may be positioned over the second opening, and the first and second openings may define the barometric vent.



The speaker diaphragm may be waterproof (not water resistant but rather waterproof).


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3 xf - patent figs for Apple Watch with vents


For more details, review Apple's patent application 20220269221. This is Apple's follow-up patent that adds 20 new patent claims to better protect their invention from competitors and patent trolls.


The 'concept' drawing of the possible dual vents was obtained from 'Stapcode.' Interestingly enough, the concept didn't provide a direct explanation for the dual vents. Apple's patent now clarifies this concept.


10.51XF - Continuation Patent Report Bar


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