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In July, three analytical reports surfaced covering PC shipments for Q2 2022 (01, 02 and 03) that were contradictory and surprisingly a mess. We know it was a bad quarter for the PC sector, but statistical accuracy was definitely in question. Today, Strategy Analytics published a Q2 2022 statistical report on notebooks alone.  


According to the report, "The Notebook PC market is starting to see a new normal as pandemic demand and priorities shift from digitization while inflation limits household budgets and economic challenges do the same for businesses. As a result, global volumes were down -15% year-on-year in the second quarter.


Chirag Upadhyay, Industry Analyst: "Consumer spending is now taking other priorities such as holiday, new clothes, and home improvement, while some are also taking financial precautions due to inflation and recession fears."


The report mysteriously neglected to even mention the mass shutdown of notebook production from Quanta, a key factor for the notebook shipment losses for the quarter. The report simply pointed to the generic "supply constraint" position.


Specifically, the report stated that "Apple MacOS barely outperformed the total market as it faced supply constraints during the quarter; shipments reached 4.8 million MacBooks during the second quarter, a -13% loss from Q2 2021." Apple fared better than Lenovo, HP and Acer as the chart below reveals.


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2 Notebook Chart


For more, read the full Strategy Analytics report.


The extreme shutdown measures implemented in shanghai became one of the factors for Apple to begin moving some manufacturing of Apple Watch 8, AirPods and possibly more devices in the future like the MacBook to Vietnam.


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