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Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Plant is now offering Bonuses to Recruit Workers for iPhone 14 Mass Production

1 cover Foxconn Zhengzhou plant


It’s being reported today that Foxconn's Zhengzhou iPEBG and iDPBG business group factories under Hon Hai Group have offered preferential bonuses to recruit employees. The units cover assembly, testing, manufacturing, Mother Level Board and other departments. Industry analysts have analyzed that this is in response to the volume of new Apple iPhone 14 series. production demand.


According to the WeChat official account on the 3rd, Foxconn Zhengzhou Science and Technology Park has launched a new recruitment policy, covering the Zhengzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone of the iPEBG Innovative Product Mechanism Business Group, the iDPBG Digital Product Business Group (Integrated Digital Product Business Group) Zhengzhou Plant, the Glass Group Zhengzhou Plant, iPEBG Zhengzhou Processing Zone, etc.


According to information, the iPEBG business group is one of the core units of the industrial Fii under the Hon Hai Group, engaged in the research and development of high-end Apple iPhone manufacturing technology, as well as automation, robotics and intelligent solutions; the iPEBG business group in Zhengzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone also designs, manufactures and manufactures iPhone precision machine components, and layout solutions related to smart manufacturing, automation equipment, and industrial artificial intelligence.


As for Foxconn's iDPBG business group, it is mainly located in Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone and South District in Henan, Guanlan and Longhua factories in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Taiyuan, etc. The iDPBG business group mainly manufactures iPhone mobile phones for Apple.


Industry insiders said that Foxconn Zhengzhou Airport Plant and Economic and Technological Development Zone mainly manufacture Apple iPhone and other smart phone products and components, and the high-end iPhone 13 is also produced in the airport plant. The mass production demand of the launched iPhone 14 series.


The WeChat public account information was announced, iPEBG Zhengzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone emphasized in the recruitment content that the air conditioning of the production line workshop is "cold to burst", the peak season bonus will not end before October 1, the monthly peak season bonus can reach RMB 9,500, and the monthly comprehensive income can be To RMB 6,750, in addition to recruiting ex-employees who have resigned and returning to work, they also target unemployed young people aged 18 to 24 to join.


As for the iDPBG Zhengzhou plant, the annual "rebate fee" (return to the employee's agency referral bonus) can be stimulated up to RMB 10,000. To attract more qualified employees to work, the need for talents is urgent. FATP (final assembly, testing and packaging) manufacturing headquarters, and MLB manufacturing department, industry analysts, MLB department may be the production unit for Apple's motherboard (MotherLevel Board).


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