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1 cover image  - Apple iPad led Mainland China tablet market for Q2 2022


In the last month Patently Apple has posted reports on Apple's Worldwide iPad performance and performance in Southern Africa and Western Europe.  Today we're reporting on iPad shipments in Mainland China.


According to Emma Xu, Canalys Analyst, "Demand for tablets grew in Q2, thanks to the mass adoption of online learning among children and college students during the lockdown. Top vendors, such as Apple and Huawei are pushing new features to improve productivity."


Although Apple remains the tablet leader in Mainland China by a wide margin, Apple did get hit in Q2 by production disruption. Apple dropped 19% year-on-year with its tablet market share dropping from 30.7% to 23.8% as presented in the Canalys chart presented below.


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2 Apple iPad stats in China for Q2 2022 - Canalys data  Patently Apple stats report


You could read more about this in the Canalys report that also covers Q2 2022 PC shipments where Apple is not shown to be a top five vendor. Desktop PC's dropped 26% while notebooks dropped 10%. China's Lenovo still holds a commanding lead with 40.2% market share while second place Dell with 14.1% market share.


10.0F1 - Apple Market Statistics Bar


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