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Apple's Supply Chain states that the company is working with Suppliers such as Foxconn to manufacture a portion of iPhone 14 in India

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By design, Apple has been planning to move more of their device manufacturing outside of China. In January 2021 we reported that there had been a series of rumors of Apple moving production of various devices to India, Taiwan and Vietnam  (0102 and 03). The shut down of MacBook production in Shanghai that started in April caused riots by factory workers. It may have been a turning point for Apple in its resolve to accelerate production of key products outside of China.


It's being reported today by Reuters that "Apple Inc plans to start manufacturing iPhone 14 in India as the U.S. tech giant seeks alternatives to China after Xi administration's clashes with Washington and lockdowns across the country disrupted production.


The company has been working with suppliers to ramp up production in India and shorten the lag in manufacturing new iPhones from the typical six to nine months for previous launches.


According to the report, Foxconn Technology Group, the primary manufacturer of iPhones, studied the process of shipping components from China and assembling the iPhone 14 device at its plant outside the southern Indian city of Chennai, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the efforts are confidential. That included looking at ways to maintain Apple’s high standards for confidentiality.


Matching China’s pace of iPhone production would have marked a major milestone for India, which has been touting its attractiveness as an alternative at a time when rolling Covid lockdowns and US sanctions jeopardize China’s position as factory to the world. Assembling iPhones often entails coordination between hundreds of suppliers and meeting Apple’s infamously tight deadlines and quality controls.


Some people within Apple and Foxconn had hoped to begin simultaneous production in India this year, but that was never an official plan. To ensure a smooth launch, Apple wanted to focus on getting the China operations up to speed first and then work out the India production, one of the people said.


India and countries such as Mexico and Vietnam are becoming increasingly important to contract manufacturers supplying American brands as they try to diversify production away from China.


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