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Apple won a patent this week about controlling content on Apple TV using motion gestures made with a Future Siri Remote, Apple Watch+

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This week there were a few additional patents that were published that we didn't get around to covering. In today's report we cover a granted patent  that covers an Apple TV remote or other device (Apple Watch, iPhone) that will allow a user to perform in-air gestures to control content on Apple TV like a game, Apple Music, Movies and TV content and more.


Controlling Devices using Motion Gesture


Appleā€™s granted patent covers a possible future Apple TV remote with motion gestures to control content and functionality when playing movies, music or games. Our cover graphic illustrates an Apple TV remote controlling movement in a game using motion commands.


Apple notes that users will be able to record motion gestures and then lock them in as their own. The user could simply record volume-up while moving the iDevice in an upward track or move the device left to right to play content forward or go back to a previous point.  The iDevices illustrated in the patent filing and presented below include the Apple TV remote and Apple Watch while mentioning the iPhone and iPad. Apple illustrates the basics of this invention and we can only imagine where they might go with device driven motion gestures over time.


Some embodiments described in their patent are directed to one or more electronic devices that perform actions such as playing, pausing, fast forwarding, rewinding, or changing the playback volume of media playing on the one or more electronic devices. The first figures below illustrate just volume up and play next as examples.


In the patent figures below Apple illustrates the Apple TV remote using motion gestures to control on screen content along with Apple Watch devices using future motion gestures further below.


2 apple patent figs motion gestures


Four of the patent FIGS. Below illustrate the creation of a user-defined initiation portion of a motion gesture sequence.


3 motion patent figs


The two patent FIGS. above illustrate an Apple Watch using their defined motion gestures to execute the commands of previous-next and play next.


On Tuesday, Apple was granted this patent under number 11,422,692. It has dozens of patent figures and details to explore.


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