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1 Cover Calendar Q2 2022 iPhone report


Yesterday we reported on Apple’s Fiscal Q3 (Calendar Q2) Finances with the June Quarter revenue record with iPhone shipments faring better than Wall Street expected. Apple’s iPhone revenue was up by 3%.


We reported Wednesday that Apple had shown 1.4% growth in China against competitors like OPPO at -4.1% and Vivo at -1.3%. Last week we reported that Apple’s iPhone globally grew 3% over last year, so the signs were pointing to a health quarter for iPhones.


Today, Strategy Analytics confirmed Apple’s 3% growth for Calendar Q2 (Fiscal Q3) as noted in the chart below.


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2 Strategy Analytics Global Q2 2022 smartphone stats globally


While Global smartphone shipments fell -7% YoY to 291 million units in Q2 2022 both Samsung and Apple beat that downward trend with +9.5% and + 3.3% respectively.


Apple shipped 48 million iPhones worldwide, up +3% YoY, for 16% global market share in Q2 2022. This is the highest second quarter market share for Apple over the past ten years, at the expense of leading Chinese brands who are hampered by the sluggish performance in both home and overseas market. Apple had a good quarter, led by iPhone 13 series which continued to ramp up volumes in US, China and other key markets.”


For more on this, read the full Strategy Analytics report.


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