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On July 11, Patently Apple posted a report titled “While Sony & LG Display will be Apple’s initial suppliers for microLED displays for HMDs, Samsung could be next to enter Apple’s Supply Chain.” A new report published this morning claims that a new microLED supplier may be entering Apple’s supply chain.


According to United Daily News (UDN), Apple and Meta are cooperating with Taiwan’s Fucai Micro LED as a future supplier. A secondary report on this points to Fucai expecting to have their new plant ready in 2-3 years with mass production taking a little longer. Li Bingjie, chairman of Fucai, stated back in April that they would be investing in emerging technologies and that they would seize markets such as Mini/Micro LED, sensing 5G and automotive markets.


In today’s UDN report they noted that Fucai had previously entered Apple's supply chain through its Mini LED products, building a bridge of cooperation with Apple.


Fucai emphasized that by 2024, the company's Micro LED technology and production capacity will be ready.


The key to AR/VR applications is that in addition to Micro LED, other devices must also keep up, with R&D working on reducing Micro LED for possible future contact lenses. You could read more about the latest UDN report here.


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