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IDC reports that Apple continued to Lead the Tablet Market Worldwide in Q2 while gaining market share in China’s slumping Smartphone Market

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Yesterday during Apple’s Financial Conference Call, Tim Cook stated that “iPad, like Mac, continued to see strong demand during the June quarter despite ongoing supply constraints.”


Apple’s CFO added that “iPad revenue was $7.2 billion, down 2% year over year due to supply constraints and negative foreign exchange. Customer response to our iPad lineup continue to be strong across consumer, education, and enterprise markets around the world. And the iPad installed base reached a new all-time high, with over half of the customers during the quarter being new to the product.”


IDC’s latest tablet report posted today states that worldwide tablet shipment growth fell flat with 0.15% growth while Chromebooks experienced a sharp decline, falling 51.4%.


As shown in IDC’s chart below, Apple held on to first place with market share only dropping 1% over the same period last year and that’s only because of supply constraints that their CFO reported yesterday.


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Samsung fell 2.2% over last year and Lenovo’s declined 3% in Market Share marking a --25.67% year-over-year growth. For more on this, read the full IDC Tablet report.


Apple’s iPhone Shows Strength in China


During Apple’s Financial Conference Call yesterday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated at one pont: “Turning to iPhone. We set a June quarter record for both revenue and switchers to iPhone. With its advanced performance, capability and ease of use, customers continue to find that iPhone remains the gold standard for smartphones.”


Apple’s CFO added specifics: “iPhone revenue grew 3% year over year to a June quarter record of $40.7 billion despite foreign exchange headwinds as customer response to our iPhone 13 family continue to be strong. We set June quarter records in both developed and emerging markets. And the iPhone active installed base reached a new all-time high across all geographies as a result of this level of sales performance combined with unmatched customer loyalty.”


In today’s IDC report on China’s Smartphone market for calendar Q2 2022, they stated that 67.2 million smartphones shipped in China in 2Q22, down 14.7% year-on-year (YoY). In the first half of the year, the market also saw a 14.4% YoY decline with around 140 million units.


Major Chinese OEMs suffered greatly, with Vivo down 30.8%, OPPO down 30.7% and Xiaomi down 28.9%. Apple on the other hand beat the downdraft by scratching out 0.1% growth year-over-year but gained 1.9% market share from 12% in 2021 to 14.1% in 2022 as the chart below proves out.


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3 China Smartphone Market  Calendar Q2 2022

IDC: “Apple’s iPhone 13 was the volume driver in the quarter as the company significantly lowered the model’s pricing in channels like JD.com while also reducing the mix of its predecessor in the online “6.18” festival. The iPhone 13 accounted for more than 60% of Apple’s shipments, which in turn, helped the vendor to achieve a flat growth from a year ago.


For coverage of Apple’s competitors, read the IDC’s China Smartphone report.


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