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BOE’s OLED Panels have passed Apple’s Certification for the iPhone 14’s base model

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On June 20, Patently Apple posted a report titled “Apple will be Evaluating BOE’s OLED Panels this week as a Third Supplier for iPhone 14.” Today there’s been confirmation that BOE has passed Apple’s iPhone 14 certification.


According to a supply chain report by IT Home, “BOE received a notification from Apple last Thursday about the certification of the iPhone 14 AMOLED panel. BOE will start mass production in July and start mass shipments in September. This time the certification passed earlier than the previous iPhone 12 and 13 series dates in that year.” The news came by way of a report by Runto Technology Research News.


BOE will supply 6.1-inch LTPS OLED panels for the base iPhone 14 model. The report  estimates that BOE will receive orders for 5 million units while LG Display and Samsung Display will receive orders for 25 and 60 million respectively.


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