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Apple has been hit with a Class Action over Apple Pay. The company is being accused of using its market power in the mobile device industry to fend off competition from other payment card issuers. The class-action complaint was filed Monday in federal court in San Jose, California by plaintiff ‘Affinity Credit Union, an Iowa chartered credit union based out of Des Moines.


According to the complaint by Affinity Credit Union, Apple “exercises its market power in the device markets by requiring that consumers of its mobile devices also acquire its mobile wallet -- Apple Pay -- and prevents consumers from using competing mobile wallets capable of offering competing tap and pay solutions.


In comparison, on Android devices, consumers have a selection of competing wallets to choose from. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are the leaders. Google, the owner of Android, does not restrict access to NFC technology on Android devices—it is available for use to all comers, including digital wallets that compete with Google’s digital wallet, Google Pay.”  


You could review the full Complaint that was filled with the court by Affinity Credit Union here.


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