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Samsung has Racked-Up another round of 10 Patents describing varying aspects of their next-gen Slidable Display Smartphones

1 cover Samsung Sliding display patent figure


In May Patently Apple reported on a rumor that Samsung was preparing to introduce the world’s first-to-market ‘Slide-Out’ Smartphone later this year. On June 2 we followed-up with a Samsung patent report presenting 10 patent application filed covering future smartphones with slidable, rollable, scrollable displays to illustrate Samsung’s dedication to this new form factor.


Today, our report covers yet another round of 10 newly published Samsung patents from WIPO, focused on all aspects of their next-gen slidable form factor. That’s 20 new patents on this form factor in the last three weeks.


Is it a sign that Samsung is in fact planning to launch their first Galaxy Slide smartphone later this year? Well, that’s what the rumor in May forecasts. While patents never reveal a release date, the sheer number of patents running up to a product release could be telling, but never a guarantee. Below is the latest list of Samsung patents that we’ve linked to so that curious techies could check out some of the concepts and features the company is considering.


10 New Samsung Slidable Smartphone Patents


01: Samsung Electronic Device (WO2022119337)

2 Samsung slide-out display to Enlarge


02: Electronic Device including Sliding Structure, Flexible Display & Antenna

3 Samsung slidable smartphone patent figs


03: (Slide-out Display) Electronic Device including Speaker Module

4 Samsung Sliding display patent figure


04: Rollable Electronic Device Comprising Flexible Display

5 Samsung slide-out smartphone patent figs


05: Electronic Device Comprising Flexible Display and Operating Method

06: Electronic Device Comprising Rollable Display

07: Slidable Electronic Device

08: Electronic Device Comprising Flexible Display (2nd Patent, same name)

09: Electronic Device including Flexible Display

10: Electronic Device Comprising Structure Compensating Gap


As a reminder, Patently Apple has covered a few scrollable display patents from Apple (01 02, 03 and 04), though it doesn’t appear to be a priority with them at this point in time. Until Samsung or another competitor can prove that the slidable-display form factor is a winner with consumers, Apple is likely to remain on the sidelines and continue to file patents in an evolutionary manner until needed.   


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