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Rumor: Apple to use microOLED displays for its 1st-Gen MR Headset from Sony and LG Display for its 2nd-Gen Device

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In February 2021, Patently Apple reported on a rumor that Apple was planning to develop microOLED displays -- a radically different type of display built directly onto chip wafers by collaborating with chip supplier TSMC because microOLED displays are not built on glass substrates like the conventional displays for smartphones.  


A new report today claims that LG Display is expected to order a deposition equipment to make microOLED from Sunic System. The move is aimed at developing and manufacturing a MicroOLED panel to supply to Apple for their mixed reality (MR) device.


Cupertino is expected to use Sony’s MicroOLED panel for the screen on its first MR device while the outer screen, or an 'indicator', which will be a regular OLED panel, will be provided by LG Display. Apple’s new device is expected to launch during the first half of next year.


LG Display is aiming to supply the MicroOLED panel on the iPhone maker's follow-up to its MR device.


MicroOLED technology mounts the OLED on a silicon substrate, unlike conventional panels that mount them on glasses.


Sunic System supplied its MicroOLED deposition equipment to BOE back in 2020. The Chinese display giant is planning to apply MicroOLED technology for military applications.


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Hi Marksing, thanks for your feedback. While I don't have insider information to answer that in full, Here's my take: Sony may have the technology to meet Apple's HMD release schedule but likely at a higher price. LG Display is a long-time Apple supplier and likely will offer Apple better long-term pricing. LG just received new financing to build a new OLED plant with next-gen equipment for 2024-2025 to meet Apple's future needs.

LG Financing:

Why might apple have public plans to switch to LG when with Sony?

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