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In a Surprise Announcement, the EU Parliament agreed to USB-C becoming the common charging port for 15 Products by Autumn 2024

1 x = cover - Alex Saliba -  EU decision reached on common USB-C charger


On Friday Patently Apple posted a detailed report on EU Lawmakers being hopeful to have a deal by year end that would establish USB-C as the only charger standard in Europe. While the EU Commission’s list is only focused on connectors for mobile phones, tablets and headphones, Alex Agius Saliba, a Maltese politician, Member of the European Parliament for the Labor Party, made it clear that the standard would apply to e-readers, low-powered laptops, keyboards, computer mice, earbuds, smart watches, and electronic toys to have a single mobile charging port.


Saliba hoped that the Commission could aim to harmonize wireless charging systems by 2025 and that the legislation should come into force six months after it is adopted, by which time companies will have to adapt their devices, instead of two years.”


In a surprise announcement late yesterday, the EU Parliament and Council negotiators agreed to a deal to force USB Type-C to become the common charging port standard by fall 2024.


In the announcement, it appears that the EU is also working to create a common wireless charging standard for the future to ensure that no lock-in systems prevail.


Below is the Official EU Parliament 12 minute announcement of the deal.



Back in mid-May we reported that Apple was already testing future iPhone models with USB-C.


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