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Color Availability for the Next-Gen MacBook Air isn’t likely to be as expansive as Rumored

1 cover MacBook Air in color rumors


Rumors about the next-gen MacBook Air coming in a new array of colors have been around since 2021, starting with Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser, and more recently from TechRadar, Toms Guide, MacRumors, AppleInsider and others quoting either Prosser or Ming-Chi Kuo as noted in his March 8, 2022 tweet as presented below.


2 final - Ming-Chi Kuo MacBook Air - more colors
Late yesterday, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Twitted that the MacBook Air is likely to have limited color options.



Apple’s next-gen MacBook Air is likely to launch at Apple’s WWDC22 on Monday, and we’ll see at that time who made the right call – in respect to color availability.


What are your thoughts on this?


10.0F0B - Rumors


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