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Apple’s WWDC22 was a fantastic event with so many things to get excited about. If you’re in the market for a new MacBook, Apple’s new M2 MacBook Air with a new design, MagSafe and available in Midnight Blue, it’s a winner to be sure. Apple struck a chord with many new innovative software features coming  to their full line-up.


My favorite WWDC22 presentation  was on CarPlay 2023 that gave us a peek at Apple’s next-gen in-vehicle experience with customizable instrument clusters that we covered last Monday. You could review the video presentation Emily Schubert, Senior Manager, Car Experience Engineering, here.


The other presentation that was a surprise and rumor-free, was Apple’s Continuity Camera. At first, I though it ridiculous to have an iPhone clipped to a MacBook – until the new advanced features of ‘Studio Light’ and ‘Desk View’ were detailed as presented in full below.



Apple’s new powerful Continuity Camera features will have Apple’s competition, like Samsung, scrambling to match these features on their future smartphones.


(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge)

2 x Continuity Camera with Deskview +


For techies or developers that didn't attend WWDC22, you could review Apple's full Continuity Camera Developer Session here, presented by Karen Xing, Camera Software. I have to admit that I'm still wondering if Xing's likeness is real or pure AI. 


What was your favorite moments at the WWDC22 keynote this year? Send in your comments below or on our Twitter feed.


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