Apple has Won a Patent for a Multimodal Audio System for Future HMD and Smartglasses
Apple won 49 patents today covering a Head-Mounted Device system that keeps the User Interface in a health ergonomic position +

Apple wins a patent revealing a possible Future MacBook with finger sensing keys, a reconfigurable interface, a built-in iPhone Charger+

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Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that relates to future MacBooks with a transparent finger sensing system placed over the keys that will allow users to quickly draw straight or curved lines, add a circle or a box directly into a report without needing to do that using a graphic app. The granted patent also illustrates other key possible future MacBook features such as providing a wireless iPhone charger right into the palm rest area as presented in our cover graphic. Apple also envisions adding palm print biometrics built into the palm rest area as well.


Cutting to the chase, Apple's patent FIG. 32A presented below depicts a MacBook with an integrated finger sensing system; FIGS. 48A/B/C/E depict examples of a user applying their fingers to a MacBook in various ways to make a quick line or a curved line or draw a box and so forth.


2x Apple MacBook related patent figs


In Apple's patent FIG. 48F below we’re able to see that Apple's engineers envision a user being able to apply various interface scenarios to a dual-display MacBook.


3 MacBook Patent figs


Apple's patent FIG. 49A above illustrates a MacBook with an iPhone recharger built-into the palm rest area. The patent figure also illustrates that Apple may add future biometrics into the palm area.


More specifically, the biometric sensors #4912a may be configured to detect biometric information about the user through the top case. For example, the biometric sensors may detect palm- or wrist-prints, detect a user's heart rate, blood oxygenation levels, temperature, and the like. In the age of COVID-19-like diseases, having the ability to take your temperature quickly while at school or work could prove to be valuable.


This is Apple’s second granted patent for this invention which adds 20 new patent claims. Apple adds focus and protection for a MacBook base portion that comprises “a wireless power transfer system configured to inductively couple with the portable electronic device [like an iPhone] to receive power from the portable electronic device through the planar top exterior surface of the base portion and to transmit power to the portable electronic device through the planar top exterior surface of the base portion.”


Apple’s granted patent 11,366,523 is deeply detailed. To review the entire patent along with its 19 other new patent claims, click here.


Apple has at least two other related patents on this concept that we covered in 2017 and 2018. The 2017 patent was geared more towards a dual iPad concept.


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