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On May 04 Patently Apple posted a report titled “Flimsy Rumor Report Claims BOE secretly changed the design of their OLED panels without Apple's approval.” On May 23 we posted a follow-up report titled “BOE Responds to a Negative Rumor about Losing Apple OLED Display Business.” BOE statement in part read: “At present, the company's annual target in the OLED field has not changed, and the development of related businesses is progressing in an orderly manner."


Today, The Elec who started the negative rumor about BOE, now reports that “Apple will start evaluating BOE’s samples of OLED panels aimed for the upcoming iPhone 14 this week.


The Chinese display panel maker is hoping to receive approval from the iPhone maker within the month. If Apple gives the approval, BOE will start mass production of the panels aimed at the standard model out of the four in the iPhone 14 series, sometime between July and August.


BOE recently received approval to supply panels for iPhone 13 by Apple, after a supply issue.


The Elec continues to negatively report on BOE, repeating an issue that their sources created. While it was a supply issue for BOE, The Elec repeats their negative rumor as is standard with The Elec regarding BOE. If the issue with BOE was as they reported, Apple would have cut them off, period. Evidently, it’s business as usual, and Apple is once again evaluating BOE’s display, as a third supplier.


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