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On June 6, Patently Apple posted a report titled “Apple presented a Sneak Peek of CarPlay 2023 that ushers in an all-new In-Vehicle Experience that includes Customizing Instrument Clusters,” which included a video of Apple’s exciting presentation.


Today, IT Home is reporting that Apple is currently recruiting automotive experience partner engineers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen . According to the job description, the role entails providing integration support for automotive partners and assisting developers with Apple’s system certification.


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2 x Apple job listing for Car Experience....


Apple says the role is an intermediary role between technical engineering and project management, responsible for providing technical design and development guidance, handling certification records for the entire car experience program (including CarPlay, car keys in Wallet) and promoting Apple and the global automotive industry Communication between projects. This time, Apple is recruiting automotive experience partner engineers in three places in China, which may be to help 14 partners implement the new generation of Carplay system in the Chinese market.


For the record, IT Home, the leading technology portal website ranked first in the Baidu Index, is owned by Qingdao Soft Media.


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