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Apple Introduced the Reinvented Home App based on a new Home Accessory Standard called ‘matter’ that uses HomeKit as it’s Foundation

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Today at WWDC22, Apple introduced the new Home app that has been rebuilt from the ground up to be even more efficient and reliable. Navigate all your smart home devices in the redesigned Home tab. New categories for climate, lights, security, and more let you access relevant accessories with just a tap. And a multicamera view puts your smart home cameras front and center.


Apple’s Producer, Human Interface, Corey Wang presented the new Home App this morning. Wang stated that “In order to build a connected ecosystem at home, it’s important that you have the most choice so you don’t have to worry about what works with what. With that in mind, we joined forces with other industry leaders to create a new home connectivity standard that’s called ‘Matter.’   


Matter enables smart home accessories to work together across platforms. And to ensure we stay true to our values, we contributed HomeKit, our smart home frameworks, as the foundation of this new standard. So it’s built on the same core principles and maintains the highest level of security. Below is Wang’s new Home App presentation.



Industry leading brands are now committed to the new Matter Standard with 130 products in the pipeline.


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2b companies committed to Home App with Matter foundation


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