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Apple's CEO Interviewed at TIME 100 Summit talked about Privacy and his 2014 Revelation that he was Gay

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During the TIME 100 Summit held yesterday, Apple’s CEO was interviewed by TIME Executive Editor John Simons talking about privacy and his decision to come out publicly about being gay back in 2014.


Cook noted that he worries that people will become “restrained” and begin thinking and behaving differently as they lose their sense of privacy in a world where digital devices and technology become more and more adept at tracking their movements. Below is a snippet from that interview.


The second part of the interview centered on Cook’s revelation in 2014 that he was gay. For that, watch the full interview here.


Apple’s CEO has been lobbying hard against Antitrust legislation that would force Apple to allow for Sideloading, a practice that would severely put the Privacy of iPhone users at risk. Below are some of the recent reports covering this issue:


01 – “Apple’s lobbying against a Proposed Antitrust Bill has so far seemed to be the most persuasive to lawmakers with lingering concerns about the legislation”


02 - "While Antitrust Bodies intend to force Sideloading on iPhones, Apple reports that they stopped $1.5 Billion in Fraudulent Transactions in 2021"


03“The Showtime series 'Super Pumped' illustrates the depths that a developer would go to get around Apple's Privacy Policies”


04 – “Apple's CEO Spoke at the Global Privacy Summit 2022 today and made his case against Sideloading (video of presentation included)”


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