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While it's been rumored by TrendForce that Apple's iPhone 14 is likely to include a 48 Megapixel wide camera, Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra already provides a 108 Megapixel camera. To widen the gap, Samsung is reportedly planning to introduce a major boost to their S23 that's to be released in early 2023.


According to a new supply chain report by Korea IT News, Samsung is racing to finish their work on a new 200 Megapixel smartphone camera.


The report states that "Samsung Electronics is developing a 200-megapixel smartphone camera. This is the highest grade of smartphone camera ever made. Galaxy ‘S23’, which is expected to be released next year, is expected to be equipped with this camera. It was found yesterday that Samsung Electronics mobile division and Samsung Electro-Mechanics are at the end stage of developing 200-megapixel camera. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the biggest partnership of Samsung Electronics’ smartphone camera module.


In order to correspond with Samsung Electronics’ dual parts manufacturing plan strategy, they are also developing their own smartphone camera, separately from Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and also manufacturing them partially.


For main cameras for their flagship smartphone, Samsung Electronics are manufacturing 30%, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics are doing about 70%. It is known that Samsung Electronics has shared their major road map of 200-megapixel camera development to their major partners.


Samsung Electronics have finished developing 200-megapixel image sensor. Last year, they have unrevealed mobile 200-megapixel image sensor for the first time in the world. In order to make a camera with the maximum number of pixels, an image sensor that the corresponding pixel is required. An image sensor is a semiconductor that converts light entering a camera lens into a digital signal.


While it is highly expected that Samsung Electronics will install 200-megapixel camera on their Galaxy S23 Ultra as the main camera, they caution that a final decision could delay the camera.


With a smartphone's camera being a key factor for many consumers in choosing their next smartphone, Samsung is trying to give consumers a reason to switch away from Apple's iPhone and other Android smartphones. A 200-megapixel camera could be tempting for camera buffs if it delivers quality advantages over their competition. Only time will tell if Samsung can pull that off.


Then again, Samsung needs to have a great new feature for their next-gen S23 because their S22 sales were hit hard due to their disastrous Game Optimizing Service feature that we reported on in April.


Also see today's report by SellCell titled "Samsung S22 Range Depreciates Almost Three Times More Than the iPhone 13 Range Since Launch."


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