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Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple may use Ball Guide Actuators and more from Korea's Jahwa Electronics for a Future iPhone with a Periscope Zoom Lens System." Our report added some key background information to the report by The Elec titled  "Jahwa likely to supply Apple with new camera module OIS." We reported that LG Innotek was likely to play a role in Apple's future periscope camera lens, something that The Elec's report failed to present.


Today, The Elec has posted a follow-up report wherein they now include LG Innotek as a potential key periscope supplier.  The Elec's latest report today states that "Apple is likely to use its long-time camera module supplier LG Innotek and parts maker Jahwa Electronics for the procurement of folded zoom camera modules."


Jahwa will be likely supplying the OIS actuators made in the new facility to LG Innotek, replacing previous suppliers Alps Alpine and Mizumi.


Jahwa’s OIS patents are advantageous in realizing folded zoom, the people said. Folded zoom uses prisms to fold the light entering the image sensor like periscopes. Bending the light this way allows vendors to make the camera modules smaller while increasing their optical zoom range.


The Elec further noted that "LG Innotek is in a favorable position in its legal dispute over patents in South Korea against Corephotonics, a subsidiary of Samsung, in South Korea. The latter’s patents in South Korea were considered invalid by a court in Seoul in 2020," a key point that that we elaborated on in our October 2021 report.


For more on The Elec's follow-up report posted today, click here


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