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Patently Apple first discovered an Apple patent for a future foldable device in Europe back in 2014. Our foldable device archive presents numerous patents on future foldable concepts and technical features here.  Apple finally revealed in a continuation patent filing in March 2021 that the foldable device in that particular patent was indeed aimed a being a foldable "laptop," proven out in 20 patent claims cementing that fact. The patent image above is from that patent. Apple's latest foldable iPad-notebook hybrid was published in May 2021. 


Today The Elec has revealed that LG Display is to supply HP with foldable OLED panels for notebooks. The report also noted that LG Display was also collaborating with Apple to develop another foldable OLED panel. The panel is being designed for tablets and notebooks with ultra-thin glass as the cover window instead of polyimide.


It appears that HP wants to get in on this next-gen notebook form factor that's been in the works for some time. Back in April 2021 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Microsoft is working on a foldable-like notebook with a 17" Flexible Display from Samsung that will use a newly designed Radial Hinge." Then in October 2021 we posted a report titled "Intel, Samsung, Microsoft are Collaborating on the new 'Horseshoe Bend Project' that covers 17" Foldable Display Notebook standards."


Wintel partners will be bringing this new form factor to market in a big way to make it the new hybrid form factor standard. How far along Apple is at this point is unknown but its patent trail proves it's been an ongoing project since 2014. Knowing that they're working with LG Display proves that this is certainly in-the-works as they line up their suppliers.


For HP, LG Display will be supplying 17-inch foldable notebook OLED panels to Hewlett-Packard (HP) this year.


The panel being developed for HP will be 17-inch in size and 11-inch when folded. It is an in-folding panel with a 4K (3840x2160) resolution.


LG Display is planning to begin mass production of the panel during the third quarter. The company is expected to manufacture up to 10,000 units of the panel.


It was LG Display that made the first foldable notebook display for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold in 2020. Their next-gen displays will only be better. For more read the full report by The Elec.


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