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It's Earth Day and Apple's Homepage is Packed with info on their Products that Love the Planet & their work to protect India's Mangroves

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It's Earth Day and Apple's homepage is highlighting that their ongoing efforts to make products that love the planet. Apple's graphic below provides an overview of how their products are using more and more recycled materials.


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2x Apple's full product line is using more and more natural recycled materials +


Apples homepage links to their Environment webpage that provides a comprehensive body of information about Apple's commitment to the Environment.


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3 x Apple's VP Environment + Lisa Jackson Quote


Apple has also sent out a press release about their partnership with the Applied Environmental Research Foundation to promote the protection and conservation of mangroves in Maharashtra, India.


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4 Conserving Mangroves in India


Apple notes in their press release that "Just 60 miles south of the vibrant coastal Indian city of Mumbai in Maharashtra, two distinct worlds emerge. The bustling city — full of skyscrapers, restaurants, hotels, shopping districts, countless tuk-tuks, and modern cars — falls away as unpaved roads, palm trees, goats, cows pulling carts, and small open-air markets and restaurants come into view.


In the Raigad district, Alibaug connects Mumbai to a network of rivers branching off of the Arabian Sea. The coastal area is home to 21,000 hectares of mangrove forests, one of Earth’s most natural protectors against the impacts of climate change, which include unpredictable monsoons, rising tides, cyclones — or hurricanes — and even tsunamis, while also acting as carbon sinks that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in their soil, plants, and other sediment, known as blue carbon.


Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) — awarded a grant by Apple in 2021 — is exploring the area with a plan to safeguard the future of these mangroves by creating alternative, sustainable industries in the local communities that cultivate and benefit from the biodiversity and resilience of the mangrove ecosystems. Conservation agreements will provide sustained support to village members in exchange for conserving the land and transitioning the local economy to one that relies on keeping the mangroves intact and healthy."


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5 Apple-Earth-Day-India-mangrove-fisherman-with-net

In the Raigad district in Maharashtra, India, fishermen throughout the villages hunt for small shrimp, mud crabs, and more among the mangroves and along the coast.


Apple's press release is very detailed on this project and you could read all about it here.


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