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Australia's 7-News is reporting that a British snowboarder is lucky to be alive after he fell over four meters into a hidden crevasse in the Alps - and it’s all thanks to his iPhone.  The 41-year-old personal trainer, Tim Blakey, was snowboarding alone at 10,000 feet in the alps before his fall. Upon his fall, Mr. Blakely was lucky to have landed on a fragile snow bridge that, preventing him from falling much further.


Ultimately, it was Blakey's iPhone that alerted rescue crews that he was in a dire situation. In an emotional social media post, Mr Blakely explained that he thought his time may have been up until he realized a safety feature on his iPhone could help.


He pressed the on/off button fives times on the side of his phone, that was almost dead, which called emergency services and gave them his location.


2 image of Blakey snowborder and rescue crew member


"Thank you to apple," Mr. Blakely’s said on Instagram. Blakey added: "And to the service provider for giving me 3G connection and 3 percent battery 5 meters below the ice."


For more on this including some photos of the crevasse Blakey fell in, read the full 7-News report. While this story was first reported on yesterday, April Fool's day, this wasn't a joke.


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