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Apple has won 2 key MR Headset patents that cover a transparent one-way mirror faceplate finish & an HMD recharging system

1 cover Apple patent mirror like face of HMD


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple two Mixed Reality (MR) Headset patents. The first patent covers an HMD faceplate that could use an infrared transparent one-way mirror finish.  The second patent cover an HMD charging system.


Mixed Reality Headset with Infrared Transparent One-Way Mirror


In Apple's first HMD related granted patent issued today they note that Items such as sunglasses and ski goggles are sometimes provided with coatings that create a one-way mirror effect like the image in our cover graphic. When the sunglasses or ski goggles are being worn by a user, these coatings may obscure the user's eyes from view.


Challenges can arise when forming coatings to hide electronic device components. If care is not taken, coatings may not be sufficiently transparent to allow components to operate effectively or may not have a desired appearance.


Apple's granted patent covers an electronic device, such as a Head Mounted Device (or other equipment) that may include an infrared-transparent one-way mirror. The infrared-transparent one-way mirror may be formed by a layer of material that is supported by head-mounted support structure or other support structure.


The support structure in the electronic device may support the layer of material so that the layer of material separates an exterior region from an interior region. Optical components may be overlapped by the layer of material. The optical components may include visible light components such as a visible light camera and infrared components such as an infrared light-emitting device and an infrared light sensor. The optical components may operate through the layer of material while being hidden from view by the reflective appearance of the infrared-transparent one-way mirror.


2 Apple HMD with one-way mirror faceplate


While the headset is designed to allow the user to view the outside world, the one-way mirror finish on the face of the headset is designed to hide various cameras, gaze tracking systems etc. from public view.


For in-depth details, review Apple's granted patent 11,314,005.


HMD Charging System


3 Apple HMD charging system


Apple's second HMD related granted patent issued today covers a head-mounted display which includes a display unit, a head support, a power storage device, and one or more receiving coils.


The power storage device is coupled to the display unit for storing power to be supplied to the display unit. The one or more receiving coils are coupled to the head support and located rearward of the display unit for inductively charging the power storage device.


The power supply device includes a base, a transmission coil, and a power source. The transmission coil is coupled to the base. The power source is coupled to the transmission coil. The head-mounted display and the power supply device are cooperatively configured to align the transmission coil with the receiving coil for the transmission coil to produce an electromagnetic field that passes through the receiving coil for charging the power storage device.


Below are a series of patent figures with some details. Once you enlarge the images, you'll be able to see key features and a few notes to help you identify key aspects of the headset etc.


4 HMD charging system  apple patent
4 HMD charging system  apple patent


In the last series of images (4A, B & D along with 6C & D) you're looking a wireless charging stands like you would for wireless music headphones. Apple presents two models. The first series covers a traditional wireless charging stand while the alternative will offer a case like device with a lower profile.


For greater details, review Apple's granted patent 11,314,281.


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