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After a major delay, Apple has confirmed that Production of the Phone 13 has begun in India

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In late December Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple has begun trial production of the base iPhone 13 Model in India while preparing to go into full production by February 2022." In mid-March we followed-up with a report titled "Foxconn India is Finally set to begin Production of the iPhone 13 for Domestic and Export Markets in April.


Today, Reuters is reporting that "Apple Inc has started making the iPhone 13 in India, the company said on Monday, as the U.S tech giant tries to reduce reliance on its Chinese supply chain.


The phone is being produced at a local plant of Apple's Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn, situated in the town of Sriperumbudur in Southern Tamil Nadu state, according to a source."


As Patently Apple reported on in late December, "the delay in beginning production was due to unacceptable working conditions found at the plant that lacked drinking water, poor working and living environment and more.


At the time, an Apple spokesperson said it had dispatched independent auditors to assess conditions at the dormitories after it found that some of Foxconn's dormitories and restaurants in remote areas used by its supplier in southern India for employees did not meet its standards."


Reuters lastly noted that "Apple has been shifting some areas of iPhone production from China to other markets including India, the world's second biggest smartphone market, and is also planning to assemble iPad tablets there." For more, read the full Reuters report.


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