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While all will change in 2022, Apple grew their iPhone market share in Russia in 2021 by being the top 5G brand and top Revenue maker

1 XF - Russia smartphone market


A new statistical report covering the Russian smartphone market for 2021 showed that while the market shrank by 7% year-over-year, Apple was able to grow from 11% market share in 2020 to 14% market share in 2021 as presented in the chart below.


Better yet, Apple ranked first in terms of revenue by capturing 36% of the total revenue – which is what really matters.


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2 F - Russian smartphone market 2020 V 2021

Counterpoint further noted that Apple led the market in 5G phones. It grew 27% YoY due to high volumes of the iPhone 12 series and a good start to the iPhone 13 series, which captured 28% of Apple’s shipments in 2021 with its launch in September 2021. Apple led the market in terms of revenue with 36% of the total revenue for 2021.


Of course amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it's expected that the Russian smartphone market will further shrink in the foreseeable future.  Apple, Microsoft and now Samsung have already put its sales in the country on hold and other brands.


In that light, Chinese OEMs are expected to capture more market share in Russia in 2022 with the absence of Apple and Samsung, even though it will tarnish Chinese brands for supporting Russia at this time. 


10.0F1 - Apple Market Statistics Bar


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