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Google attempts to get a leap on Apple by Acquiring 'Raxium' a cutting edge microLED technology company for Mixed Reality Glasses+

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It's being reported that Google has struck a deal to acquire "Raxium," a 5-year old startup that is on the cutting edge of MicroLEDs, enabling a new class of smaller and more powerful display products, ranging from augmented and virtual reality micro-displays to life-size panel-based light field arrays. The new displays will be aimed at AR and VR glasses. 


The Information is reporting that Raxium hasn't released a commercial product, but its work revolves around Micro LEDs, which can make the kind of tiny displays AR devices need. Today, pretty much everyone buys their OLED display technology from Samsung, but Micro LEDs are expected to be the next big thing, and there's no clear winner in that market yet. Apple has been investing in the technology for some time and bought a Micro LED startup in 2014, while Meta is partnering with a company called Plessey for Micro LED tech. The juggernaut Samsung is also interested in the market and is already selling Micro LED TVs."


Google's latest wave of AR development involves job listings for an "Augmented Reality OS" that promises to reach "billions" of people and a "Project Iris" AR headset that could be coming to market in 2024. The hardware division also bought a company called "North" last June which specialized in AR glasses.


At least on paper, the acquisition of Raxium is going to be a major development for Google's move into the mixed reality headset and/or glasses market where Apple and Meta will be major competitors. Owning the very microLED technology for headsets could give Google an edge over their competition.


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2 Raxium.


For more, read the full report from The Information.  Back in 2020 Patently Apple posted a smartglasses patent from Google that you could review here. The image below is from Google's patent filing. 


3 Google patent for MR glasses


10.0F3 - Patently Extra News


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