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BOE is Developing a Two-Stack OLED display aimed to compete for Apple's 2024 iPad business



In October 2021, Patently Apple posted a report titled "After the OLED display Project with Samsung for iPads was cancelled, LG is now developing the OLED panel that Apple originally demanded." Then on March third we posted a report titled " Samsung has begun development of a Two-Stack Tandem OLED Display first aimed for Apple's 2024 iPads and eventually Macs." While LG and Samsung will battle it out for next-gen two-stack OLED displays for iPad, BOE is now aiming to vie for Apple's next-gen iPad business.


While LG and Samsung are developing nex-gen two-stack OLED displays, Chinese display maker BOE is in talks with Chinese smartphone maker Honor for two-stack tandem OLED displays for next-gen smartphones that could debut as early as Q4-22.  In the long run, BOE is aiming to join the battle for Apple's iPad business with two-stack OLED displays.


Sources claim that the use of this technology, where the OLED panel has two emission layers, can reduce the power consumption of the smartphone by approximately 30%. This also means the smartphone can use a smaller battery that will allow the phone to have a thinner design.


BOE’s ultimate aim with its project with Honor is likely to secure experience to manufacture two-stack tandem OLED panels aimed at iPads.


Thus far, LG Display is the only display panel maker in the world that had succeeded in commercializing two-stack tandem OLED panels, which it manufactures and supplies for automotive applications. For more, read the full report by The Elec.


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