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1 cover - iPad Air Ad Mar 2022


Apple's marketing theme of "Your next computer is not a computer" began in November 2017. Apple retired that ad eventually but you could still view it here from Apple Everyday. The ad was certainly mocked by many and below is a funny parody video.



The iPad has evolved over the years by adding various keyboard accessories to blur the line between a tablet and a notebook and added Apple Pencil. To their credit, Microsoft was first to introduce tablets with a keyboard.


Apple's latest ad presented for the new iPad Air continues Apple's marketing theme that "Your next computer is not a computer."


The ad clearly shows the versatility of the iPad Air with students using the Apple Pencil and then quickly typing in text for a quick class project. While iPad Air certainly goes beyond a traditional notebook in some ways, continuing to claim that it's not a computer is still a baffling marketing Angle.



The parody of Apple's commercial can be found in full on Zebra Corner.


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