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A Few Apple inventions published today cover Bionic Virtual Meeting Rooms, a new Thermal Management System for Apple Devices+

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This morning the US Patent & Trademark Office published a few interesting, though technical patent applications from Apple relating to Bionic Virtual Meeting Rooms that will be used in the coming Metaverse; Tangibility Visualization of Virtual Objects within a Computer-Generated Reality Environment; a new thermal management system for Apple's high performing devices powered by the A and M-Series of chips; and finally, an optical system for noise mitigation for important applications such as medical ultrasound systems, radar systems, projection systems and more.


Metaverse: Bionic Virtual Meeting Rooms


2 MR Glasses  Virtual Meetings in the Metaverse


Patently Apple has covered a number of patents over the last two years that originated from Apple's acquisition of SensoMotoric (01020304 and 05). The patents mainly related to eye tracking systems integrated into future MR glasses.


Apple was granted a patent back in February 2020 titled "Communication system and method for providing a bionic virtual meeting room." The patent covered different kinds of future virtual meetings that will be applicable in the metaverse such as a business meeting, a social media virtual private meeting with friends and even for gamer teams.


You could read our original granted patent for an overview of the invention. Today's patent filing shows that Apple has taken the acquired patent and have submitted a major change in patent claims. 14 of the original 21 patent claims from SensoMotoric have been "cancelled." Apple's patent now presents 22 patent claims that includes 15 new claims.


In 2016 Apple's CEO stated during a Good Morning America interview that AR "gives the capability for both of us to sit and be very present, talking to each other, but also have other things — visually — for both of us to see. Maybe it’s something we’re talking about, maybe it’s someone else here who’s not here present but who can be made to appear to be present." Below is a snippet from that interview wit ABC News' Robin Roberts.



This is the basis of a virtual meeting that can be expanded to larger groups seemingly present and today's patented invention plays a role in the metaverse's big picture.


To review Apple's updated patent application 20220076478 with its new patent claims that allows the invention to reflect more of Apple's vision, click here.


Other New and Updated Patents


3 An Apple MR patent report figure


Continuing on the mixed reality theme, Apple updated one of their patents titled "Tangibility Visualization of Virtual Objects within a Computer-Generated Reality Environment." To get an overview of Apple's invention, you could review our original 2019 patent report here. Apple was granted their first patent for this invention in November 2021.


All of the original patent claims were focused on "A Method" behind the invention. In today's patent update, Apple legal has added 19 new patent claims. Of which 17 of the claims focus entirely on "The Electronic Device" which is primarily an HMD or smartglasses. To review the patent and its new claims, review patent application 20220076496.


A few new technical patents published today may interest some engineers and tech enthusiast. The first is titled "Adaptive Thermal Control System." Below is patent FIG. 8 showing that the new Thermal Management System will apply to all of Apple's computing devices. See Apple's patent application 20220075343 for full details. With Apple's M-Series chips getting faster and larger, a new thermal management system is important.


4 Apple  Thermal Mgmt patent fig. 8


A second new patent of interest published today that may interest some engineers and tech enthusiasts is titled "Optical System for Noise Mitigation."


In Apple's patent background they noted that in general, noise in various types of imaging systems may cause unwanted modifications of a signal. Noise may degrade images in systems such as medical ultrasound systems, radar systems, projection systems, or any coherent imaging system.


Noise may cause graininess, granular patterns, or intensity patterns in the measured signal or image. In some examples, noise may significantly interfere with the detection of an optical signal, thus the illumination conditions may be designed to mitigate noise, while maintaining other specifications of the optical system such as operating speed and size of the optical device or system.


Apple's invention covers optical systems, devices, and methods for mitigating coherent noise using a moving diffuser and de-cohered light together to produce a predetermined illumination profile incident on the sample. A photonics assembly may include photonics dies that emit multiple wavelengths. Additionally, the photonics assembly may include the photonics die(s), outcouplers, optical components that receive light from the photonics die(s), free space optics, and so forth, but does not include the sample.


For more on Apple's invention, review patent application 20220074573.


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