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While Samsung will be introducing their next-gen Galaxy S22 line-up next week, a Tri-Fold Galaxy Note patent surfaced in Korea last week

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Earlier this month, Samsung Electronics President Dr. TM Roh sent out a message about their upcoming Unpacked Event set for February ninth. Roh stated that "In a sea of smartphone sameness and iterative updates, our ambition remains firm: to detect the signals that transformation is stirring — by listening to your feedback — and continue to deliver mobile experiences that empower us all to evolve.


We know many of you were surprised when Samsung didn’t release a new Galaxy Note last year. You loved the unparalleled creativity and efficiency of the Galaxy Note series, which enabled you to switch from gaming nirvana to high-octane productivity in the blink of an eye. You raved about the lifelike S Pen, which many say rivals putting ink to paper. And we haven’t forgotten about these experiences you love." More of Roh's message could be viewed here.


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Samsung's promotional video below makes one thing crystal clear. Their next-gen S22 will definitely deliver a new camera that could take clear photos in the dark of night.



Roh's message seemed to hint that they'll be delivering a next-gen Galaxy Note device sometime in the not-too-distant future. Whether that will translate to next week, mid-to-late August or yet a future point in time is unknown at this time.  


What could Samsung's future Galaxy Note smartphone possibly deliver? Well, interesting enough, while researching Samsung's patents this weekend, I came across a series of interesting inventions. The one relevant to this report is a tri-fold Galaxy Note invention. Below are some of the key patent figures and random notes from that patent that could take their Galaxy Note to the next level with a tri-fold design.


Samsung's patent FIG. 1 below illustrates a smartphone in a folded state; in FIG. 3 the smartphone is in the open state; FIG. 4B illustrates the smartphone in the process of folding and the S-Pen is clearly illustrated. The folding smartphone is provided with a first and second "receiving grove."


3 x Patently Mobile report patent figs  Samsung Galaxy Fold Note triple display


Samsung's patent FIG. 6B below illustrate a side view of a folded state of a smartphone and an insertion operation of an S-Pen; FIG. 13 shows a fixing structure related to the smartphone's S-Pen. According to Samsung, a locking protrusion and a locking groove are to guide the S-Pen and keep it securely within the smartphone.  


4 Samsung patent covering triple display fold with S Pen


Random Patent Points:


  • Samsung describes the possible use of Force Touch.
  • The display module may include a display, a hologram device or a circuit for controlling the projector and the corresponding device.
  • The Sensor module may include a gesture sensor, gyro sensor, an atmospheric sensor, a magnetic sensor, an acceleration sensor, a grip sensor, a proximity sensor, a color sensor, an infrared (IR) sensor, a biometric sensor, a temperature sensor and an illuminance sensor.
  • The smartphone shall include a haptic module, camera module, a power management module, a communication module, a rechargeable primary battery, a rechargeable secondary battery or a fuel cell.
  • The smartphone may contain two processors. The auxiliary processor (e.g., a graphics processor or a communications processor. The auxiliary processor may include machine learning and AI. The AI neural networks my be one of a deep neural network (DNN), a convolutional neural network (CNN), a recurrent neural network (RNN), a restricted Boltzmann machine (DNN), a deep belief network (DBN), a bidirectional current deep neural network (RBM), deep Q-networks, or a combination of two or more thereof. The artificial intelligence model may additionally or alternatively include a software structure in addition to the hardware structure.


There's no use going deeper into this patent as it's unknown if the tri-fold Samsung Note with S-Pen is what's coming next week or "sometime" in the future. The patent was filed under International Application No. PCT/KR2021/009577 and published on January 27, 2022. It was originally filed in July 2021. 


Side Note: Going forward  we'll be posting non-Apple patent reports under the new Patently Mobile category in our sidebar. Our Patently Mobile site, found in our navigation bar, remains the place of our older non-Apple patent reports. 


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