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During Apple's financial conference call in late January, Apple's CEO stated: "We set all time records for both developed and emerging markets and saw revenue growth across all of our product categories except for iPad, which we said would be supply constrained. Apple's CFO added that while iPad generated 7.2 billion in revenue, shipments were down 14% due to "significant restraints."


We're now close to the middle of calendar Q1-22 and consumers are still waiting up to nine weeks for delivery of new iPads, as Apple struggles to clear a backlog that emerged last year during the global chip and component crunch, according to Nikkei Asia’s analysis of more than two months of shipping data.


"Nikkei Asia has been tracking the delivery times for Apple products in 25 key countries and regions, including the US, China and Japan, since early November. Customers ordering a new iPad (64GB model) on Apple’s website on January 28 faced an average wait of about 50 days, a slight improvement from the 55-day delivery times for iPad orders placed in early December.


Wait times for new iPhones, meanwhile, have shrunk dramatically, from more than a month late last year to about 10 days for some models.


2 x Nikkei chart -  iPad delivery times


Nikkei Asia’s latest analysis, however, shows that some Asian markets still face lengthy wait times. Consumers in the Philippines, for example, would have to wait up to 63 days if they ordered a space grey, 256GB iPad on January 28. For consumers in Malaysia, the wait time is around 54 days, the data indicate.


Wayne Lam, senior director of research at CCS Insight, a London-headquartered research firm: 'Since iPads have greater than 8-inch displays, they need a lot of display drivers and unfortunately display drivers are produced at legacy process nodes — which is at the core of the semiconductor supply crunch.'" Source report. 


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