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Apple updates Two Key Patents Relating to a 6-Sided Glass iPhone and Privacy Glasses

1 cover 6 side glass iPhone


Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published two key patent application updates from Apple. The first patent update relates to a possible future iPhone with a 6-sided glass enclosure and wraparound display. The second patent covers possible future privacy glasses that will allow a user on an iPhone, iPad or Mac view their work or social media sites privately without fear of prying eyes around them.


6-Sided All-Glass iPhone with Wraparound Display


The first patent update covers Apple's patent titled "Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure." The patent covers a 6-sided iPhone that includes an all-glass enclosure and wraparound display.


Apple patent FIGS. 53B&C below illustrate an iPhone being flipped and seeing the imagery wrap around the sides through to the backside shown in patent FIGS. 51A&B.


2 apple patent figs on 6 side glass iPhone


Apple's patent FIGS. 1A-1B below show front and back views of an example electronic device #100 that may include an enclosure #102 formed of glass and define a first major side #104 (e.g., resembling a conventional "front" of the device), a second major side #106 (e.g., resembling a conventional "back" of the device), and first, second, third, and fourth peripheral sides #108, #110, #112 and #114, respectively, all of which may be formed from glass and which may be transparent. The glass enclosure #102 may be formed from a single (e.g., monolithic) glass member or multiple glass members attached together.


2xxxx 6 sided iPhone with glass enclosure and wraparound display


While the physical distinctions between the surfaces can be used to define or delineate functionally different regions of the device, an enclosure with multiple glass sides (and displays that are visible through the multiple glass sides) may also be used to erase or blend the distinctions between the various surfaces of the device.


For example, under certain conditions, such a device may display graphical outputs (e.g., images, videos, etc.) that span multiple displays and sides of the device. For example, a single displayed graphical output (e.g., image, user interface, etc.) may wrap or extend over a front side, one or more peripheral sides, and a back side of the device, thus contributing to the unified appearance of the multiple sides.


Today Apple updated this invention by primarily adding 20 new patent claims. While most of the added patent claims are to legally protect their invention further from competitors and patent trolls, Apple has added something new in patent claims #19 and 20 as follows:


Patent Claim #19: The electronic device of claim 18, wherein the cap fully occludes the opening.


Patent claim #20: "The electronic device of claim 18, wherein: the cap partially occludes the opening; and a portion of an input device extends through the opening.


To get the internal components into the iPhone there must be an opening in the glass that is later covered with a glass cap to hide and shut the opening in the glass enclosure.


For more details review Apple's continuation patent application number 20220057885.  Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.


Privacy Glasses


4 Privacy Glasses Apple patent mage


Patently Apple first covered Apple's Privacy Glasses in a patent report posted back in December 2021. The patent specifically notes that if a user desires privacy or doesn't want a nearby person to view what is presented on the display, the user may interact with the calibration graphic to make the graphical output illegible. The process depicted, creates a private graphical output that can only be perceived by a wearing of a particular set of glasses.


Apple's patent FIG. 9 below depicts an example process of generating and displaying a privacy screen in response to a facial scan of a user. 


5 privacy glasses patent fig. 9


Today Apple's continuation patent shows that they've added 20 new patent claims to further protect their invention. To review the added legal claims, review patent number 20220059055.


Lastly, USPTO further published Apple's continuation patent 20220060060 titled " Enhanced Wireless Power Transfer." Apple added 21 new patent claims to better protect their invention from competitors and patent trolls.


It should be noted that all patent battles that are fought out in court around the world revolve around patent claims alone. In that light, continuation patents are extremely important for every Apple invention and why we cover some of the key continuation patents as they come to light. 


10.51XF - Continuation Patent Report Bar


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