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Apple Reminds the Netherlands Antitrust Authority that they addressed the issue regarding alternative payment options for the App Store

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Last Tuesday the Netherlands Antitrust Authority (ACM) had levied their fifth consecutive fine against Apple for not allowing alternative payment options on the App Store in that country. On Wednesday, Margrethe Vestager, the EU Antitrust Commissioner took a shot at Apple in a speech wherein she stated that some U.S. tech giants may prefer to pay a fine rather than comply with antitrust rule and cited Apple as an example regarding the Netherland's Competition Authority. Vestager added that Appleā€™s behavior could indicate how other big companies may behave in the future.


Today, Reuters is reporting that Apple sent a letter to the ACM stating that they had complied with an order to open its App Store to alternative payment providers for dating apps in the Netherlands.


The letter from Apple to the ACM dated Feb. 28 said the solution it has offered would require only a "minor technical change" with no additional costs.


The letter would seem to lack a specific date as to when the "minor technical change" would go into effect.   


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