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1 cover iMac with Face ID


Yesterday Bloomberg's Mark Gurman noted in his Power On newsletter that Apple considered adding Face ID to their 2021 24" iMac: Face ID was in the cards for the original M1 Mac." It shouldn't be a surprise considering that Apple filed a patent for this feature back in late March 2020.


Apple's patent application revealed an updated version of Face ID. The delay in bringing this to market could simply be a parts supply shortage issue that could cleared up by 2023-2024.


The patent filing further noted that the systems and techniques may also be applicable to capturing face gestures and emotions, video chatting, generating emoji, encrypting data, unlocking the computing device, supplementing passwords, differentiating different users, and the like.


Apple's patent figure 10 below illustrates Face ID on an iMac, with the secondary figure illustrating a MacBook with this feature.  


2 Apple iMac with Face ID


For more on this, review our March 2020 report here or review Apple's patent application 20200097747.


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